My name is Rowdy Riemer and this is my web site. The main purpose for this site is to let anyone who is interested see what electronics projects I'm working on. However, I may have some things on the site that are not related to electronics.

My experience with designing electronics is somewhat limited. Not that long ago, I had no good idea how to build an amplifier of any kind. After taking some classes at the local community college, I've learned quite a bit. I'm still learning. Designing and building the projects shown on this site is a big part of the learning process.

I'm sure anyone with electronic design experiance can find a bazillion faults with my designs. It seems that everytime I look at one of my designs, I think of some way that it might be improved. That's probably true of any design. Just keep in mind that my choice of components is often limited by what I have on hand, and I have a limited set of tools.

I hope you enjoy the projects on this site.

Btw, check out my motorcycle blog at http://rowdysmotorcycleblog.blogspot.com/