Peavey Valveking Royal 8 Mods

After making a third modification to my little Valveking Royal 8, I figured I should add a page to the site showing all the changes I've made. I haven't done anything that others haven't already done to their VK Royal 8's. 

My first modification was swapping the stock speaker for a Jensen Mod 8. I did this several months ago, and I can't remember exactly how crappy the stock speaker was, but the Mod 8 was much better. I have no idea weather or not this modification voids the warranty.

My second modification was to add an external speaker jack. I'm quite sure this voided the warranty. I drilled a hole in the back of the chassis and installed a switching 1/4" jack that I picked up from Radio Shack. I then removed the speaker connectors from the speaker wires and soldered them to the jack. Then, I ran some new wires from the jack to the speaker using female spade connectors to connect to the speaker. When a speaker cable is plugged into the jack, the + wire coming from the PCB is disconnected from the + terminal on the speaker. I tested the jack out by plugging it into an external cab with another Mod 8 speaker. After I convert my Crate GFX-212 into a separate head and speaker cab, I'll see what this amp sounds like through a couple of 12 inch speakers.

My last modification so far was to replace the stock output transformer with a much larger Weber WSE15. I do not know weather or not a transformer this large is overkill, but I sure like the results. This amp sounds so much more clear. This modification was little more complicated than the speaker jack or speaker swap. The wiring wasn't too hard, but I had to make sure I put the transformer in a good place. If the transformer were any larger, there would not be any room to put it between the tube cage and the edge of the chassis. In fact, it almost seems like Peavey intentionally left enough room to allow for a transformer this large. I had to drill a couple of holes for the mounting screws. If you go to , you can see how someone else installed a hammond output transformer. I considered placing the output transformer in about the same place he did, but there was enough space between the WSE15 and the chassis to place it over the hole for the wires and simply run the wires under the transformer. 

The Weber WSE15 cost only about $35, and the Mod 8 cost about $25. I think the speaker jack cost me about $3. I do not know how much these components would cost Peavey if bulk ordered or how much cheaper the stock components were. I know a suitable Edcor transformer cost only about $20.00. I would have ordered one if the wait would not have been so long (8 weeks if I remember correctly). I think for a little more $$$, Peavey could have made a much better amp. I do not have much experience playing through different amplifiers, but I think with the modifications I've made so far, this amp sounds great. 

Update: I replaced C4 (as labeled on the schematic from Peavey) with a 100uF capacitor. This strengthened the low-end frequency response.

Here are some pics of the amp with the modifications: